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Borated Polyethylene

Product Details:

  • Borated Polyethylene - Purple (5% Boron by Weight)Made in the USA of the finest polymers available. Available in 1%, 2% or 5% boron content (by weight) or virgin formulas.
  • High cross-section for consistent neutron attenuation.
  • Advanced processes and precise tolerances ensure superior flatness and consistent density.
  • 1″x4’x8′ sheets allow for easy installation.
  • Grade II and III materials are closely inspected and controlled in accordance with MIL-P 23536A revision A and hipyard specifications.
  • Independent lab results available (charges apply).
  • Supplied in mill shapes, such as sheets, blocks and slabs.
  • Can be machined to your specifications.
  • Custom/proprietary colors available with appropriate minimum order.
  • Easily fabricated using standard woodworking tools.
  • Used in US fighting ships and radiation oncology.

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