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Continuous Hinges

A geared continuous hinge is the hardware of choice for lead lined doors. Pitts Little proudly stocks high quality RotonĀ® Continuous Hinges produced by Hager. All hinges are fire rated and include the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. These hinges work perfectly in combination with Pitts Little Lead Lined Doors and Pitts Little Lead Lined Door Frames and are also available for individual purchase.

We typically carry a large inventory of RotonĀ® 780-224 LL concealed leaf continuous hinges for lead lined doors with a clear satin anodized finish in the following sizes:

  • 79″ (for 6’8″ doors)
  • 83″ (for 7’0″ doors)
  • 95″ (for 8’0″ doors)


Roton 780-224 LL Datasheet

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