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Lead Lined Plywood

Lead lined plywood is typically utilized in applications requiring a lead thickness in excess of 1/8”. Any grade of plywood including fire-treated is available. Plywood panels are pressure laminated with a permanent adhesive to unpierced sheet lead and arranged to provide effective lead shielding through all joints. Depending on required lead thickness (determined by a health physicist), panels can be reduced in size to facilitate installation.


  • Place leaded side of plywood against studs.
  • Drill pilot holes for screws to prevent deformation of lead.
  • A minimum lead overlap of one inch is required at all joints and corners.
  • Extend lead overhang at least one inch into all frames or openings.
  • Panels can be sized to match stud widths. This will require the installation of a batten strip along the seam.
  • The area between the batten strips can be filled with non-leaded plywood to facilitate the installation of the finished wall.
  • Install lead over or behind all penetrations, cuts, or punctures to ensure continuity of radiation shielding.

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