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Mobile Radiation Barrier

A mobile radiation barrier can be an ideal solution to protect personnel from secondary radiation in diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine applications. Pitts Little offers a large line-up of fully customizable mobile radiation barriers. Each mobile radiation barrier includes four heavy duty swivel locking casters and is shipped fully assembled and ready to use. The tried and tested design is easy to disinfect and is well-balanced for stability and ease of use.

Standard models are 72″ tall, are available from 30″ to 72″ wide, and are shielded with 1/16″ thick lead. X-ray glass view windows up to 36″ x 72″ can be included, and our experienced design team is available to help develop customized solutions for your specific application.


MB-3072-0030” WIDE x 72” HIGH – NO WINDOW
MB-3072-1230” WIDE x 72” HIGH – WITH 12” x 12” WINDOW
MB-3072-2430″ WIDE x 72″ HIGH – WITH 30” x 24” WINDOW
MB-3072-3630” WIDE x 72” HIGH – WITH 30” x 36” WINDOW
MB-3672-0036” WIDE x 72” HIGH – NO WINDOW
MB-3672-1236” WIDE x 72” HIGH – WITH 12” x 12” WINDOW
MB-3672-2436″ WIDE x 72″ HIGH – WITH 36” x 24” WINDOW
MB-3672-3636” WIDE x 72” HIGH – WITH 36” x 36” WINDOW
MB-4872-2448″ WIDE x 72″ HIGH – WITH 48” x 24” WINDOW
MB-4872-3648” WIDE x 72” HIGH – WITH 48” x 36” WINDOW
MB-6072-3660” WIDE x 72” HIGH – WITH 60” x 36” WINDOW
MB-7272-3672” WIDE x 72” HIGH – WITH 72” x 36” WINDOW



A shielded control wall from Pitts Little is an ideal, low-cost solution to protect an in-room workstation from radiation exposure. A typical control wall is 7′ tall, approximately 8′ long and includes a leaded glass view window up to 48″ x 48″. Several standard sizes and configurations are available including straight wall and walls with a 135 degree corner. Our experienced design team is also available to help develop customized solutions for your specific application.


Pitts Little control wall packages include lead lined hollow metal panels, steel wall and floor mounting brackets, lead lined steel couplers, leaded glass view windows, and aluminum angle tie rods for additional reinforcement where necessary. Standard shielding thicknesses are 1/32″, 1/16″, 3/32″, and 1/8″ lead. Control wall packages come standard with an almond finish and are easy to install with no special tools or parts needed.


The complete control wall package can be shipped directly to your site to be quickly installed by your contractor of choice.

Standard Installation Instructions

Pitts Little Corporation Lead Sheets are an ideal solution for your radiation shielding needs. Our sheet lead meets and exceeds Federal QQL-201 and ASTM B749 standard specifications. We typically ship sheet lead rolled and shrink wrapped to a pallet. After consulting the MSDS, these sheets of lead are easy to unroll, bend, cut, and shape without the need of special tools.

We offer sheet lead in a wide array of thickness to meet any needs. Pitts Little’s Lead Sheets are available in widths up to eight feet and lengths up to twenty five feet. Some typical thicknesses are:

  • 1/32” (2 lb/sq ft)
  • 1/16” (4 lb/sq ft)
  • 3/32” (6 lb/sq ft)
  • 1/8” (8 lb/ sq ft)

Our high quality sheet lead can be adhered to drywall, plywood sheathing or other substrates. Sheet lead is a very effective x-ray and gamma radiation shield. Other uses of sheet lead include waterproofing, soundproofing and vibration dampening.

Please contact us for a quotation on your sheet lead requirements. We will quote either the sheet lead in rolls or adhered to drywall, plywood or steel. Please see the Lead Lined Drywall and the Lead Lined Plywood links for more details. We can be reached by phone or email by clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

Sheet Lead Thickness Chart

The Pitts Little Corporation LX-57B X-Ray Shielding lead glass is a lead barium type glass of high optical grade with over 60 percent heavy metal oxide, including at least 55 percent PbO. It offers high light transmission and does not discolor due to radiation. The faces have hard polished surfaces

When compared to acrylic/plastic shielding, leaded glass:

  • Has half the weight of plastic with same shielding
  • Transmits more light than plastic shielding
  • Noncombustible as compared to toxic fumes emitted from of plastic if burned or cut
  • LX-57B glass has the same Moh’s hardness as feldspar (a constituent of granite)


  • 8 x 10
  • 10 x 10
  • 10 x 12
  • 12 x 12
  • 12 x 16
  • 12 x 20
  • 12 x 24
  • 14 x 18
  • 16 x 20
  • 16 x 24
  • 18 x 24
  • 18 x 26
  • 20 x 24
  • 24 x 24
  • 24 x 30
  • 24 x 36
  • 24 x 48
  • 30 x 30
  • 30 x 36
  • 32 x 40
  • 36 x 36
  • 36 x 48
  • 36 x 60
  • 36 x 72
  • 36 x 84
  • 36 x 96
  • 48 x 48
  • 48 x 60
  • 48 x 72
  • 48 x 84
  • 48 x 96

In addition to the above sizes, any size can be ordered up to 48″ x 102″.

We will be happy to get you a quote for your X-Ray Shielded Lead Glass. We also can provide the Lead Lined Telescoping Frame for your shielded glass (pictured below). If you need Laminated Shielded Lead Glass, click on the Saf-T-Lite Technical Specifications link below for more details. We can be contacted by phone or email through the Contact Us link at the top of this page.


At Pitts Little Corporation, our premium Radiation Shielding lead lined wood doors are made-to-order according to your specifications. We take great pride in our quality and quick lead time. The door size, veneer type, and lead thickness are per your project requirements. We also fabricate lead lined hollow metal door frames. Pitts Little will provide options for your entire door mounting hardware, door operation hardware as well as any leaded glass and lead lined glass frames.


Pitts Little Lead Lined Doors are constructed with two solid core wood slabs, one on each side of a solid sheet of center core lead. Mechanical fasteners are installed on 8” on center. (Please click Submittal icon for illustration) All rails and stiles are hardwood. Typically, our custom made lead lined doors are available in birch and red oak, but we can apply any available veneer/skins to your door such as plastic laminate with edge strips.

Pitts Little lead lined doors are typically 1- ¾” thick with lead thickness ranging from 1/32” to 3/8” with the door thickness customarily increasing with lead over 1/8” thick. The lead thickness required for proper shielding must be determined by a licensed physicist. These doors are generally used in medical practices such as CT scan rooms, PET scan rooms and X-Ray rooms.


Pitts Little Radiation Shielding Lead Lined Door Frames are custom made to fit your lead lined door for seamless radiation shielding protection. Our Knock-Down (KD) and welded shielded drywall frames are made with 16 gauge cold-rolled steel engineered to have clean lines, rigid corners and fine miters on all joints. These frames typically have a 2” face, are double rabbeted, lined with lead per the customer’s specification and are primed ready for painting, but we can fabricate any design that meets your needs on a special order. Our frames can be used in drywall construction with steel studs, wood studs or laminate boards. Frame sizes match door sizes in any combination of single or pairs with a shielded leaf and a shielded astragal.


Pitts Little provides your entire Door Hardware needs for your lead lined radiation shielded doors. We have a variety of hinge options designed to shoulder the workload of the weight of a lead lined door. The most recommended choice is our Hager Roton Continuous Geared 780-224LL Lead Lined Concealed Leaf Hinge (pictured below). There is not a charge for door prep with this type piano hinge. We also offer Rixson Pivot hinges with a bottom, intermediate and top hinge prep. We can prep for other types of hinge hardware if required.

Pitts Little also provides your options for needed door locks (standard and electric), latches strikes and surface flush bolts. We offer mortise and cylindrical locksets. We can edge prep your door for a cylindrical set, mortise pocket, magnetic switch and automatic door buttons.

Pitts Little can also provide you with a variety of heavy duty Surface Door Closers available in aluminum, bronze, dark bronze and gold finishes as well as electric, low energy power door operators with required pushbuttons.


Pitts Little offers options for all of your Door/Wall Shielded Lite Kits. We have these leaded glass sizes in-stock (other sizes also available):

  • 12×12
  • 12×16
  • 24×24
  • 24×36
  • 36×36
  • 36×48

Pitts Little has in-stock the telescoping, lead lined view window frames that fit your leaded glass choices. Please click Submittal icon for illustrations and installation instructions. See pictures below for examples.

Pitts Little Corporation will be happy to provide you a quotation for your Lead Lined Doors, Lead Lined Door Frames, Prepping and Hardware, Leaded Glass and Lead Lined Glass Frames, and Door Closers, if needed. We look forward to working with you on your radiation shielding or X-ray protection project. Please see the “Contact Us” link on the top of the page.

Lead lined plywood is typically utilized in applications requiring a lead thickness in excess of 1/8”. Any grade of plywood including fire-treated is available. Plywood panels are pressure laminated with a permanent adhesive to unpierced sheet lead and arranged to provide effective lead shielding through all joints. Depending on required lead thickness (determined by a health physicist), panels can be reduced in size to facilitate installation.


  • Place leaded side of plywood against studs.
  • Drill pilot holes for screws to prevent deformation of lead.
  • A minimum lead overlap of one inch is required at all joints and corners.
  • Extend lead overhang at least one inch into all frames or openings.
  • Panels can be sized to match stud widths. This will require the installation of a batten strip along the seam.
  • The area between the batten strips can be filled with non-leaded plywood to facilitate the installation of the finished wall.
  • Install lead over or behind all penetrations, cuts, or punctures to ensure continuity of radiation shielding.

Gypsum drywall panels are pressure laminated with permanent adhesive to unpierced sheet lead and arranged to provide effective lead shielding through all joints. Gypsum board panels are secured to studs with drywall screws. Leaded drywall panels will be greater than or equal to the attenuation level specified by the physicist. Leaded dry wall sizes are typically on 5/8” thick or ½” thick 4’ x 8’, 4’x9’ or 4’x10’ sheetrock gypsum wallboard with 49” wide sheet lead rolled up to 7’ or 8’ high.

Some typical lead thicknesses are:

  • 1/32” (2 lb. per sq. ft.)
  • 1/16” (4 lb. per sq. ft.)
  • 3/32” (6 lb. per sq. ft.)
  • 1/8” (8 lb. per sq. ft.)

In addition to regular drywall, Pitts Little can apply lead to mold and moisture resistant gypsum wallboard, impact and abuse resistant gypsum wallboard and Type X fire rated wallboard. All drywall products are covered under the ASTM C 1396 gypsum board standard specification. Regular drywall is naturally fire resistant due to the presence of gypsum in the core, but it is not fire rated. Type X drywall includes special core additives that allow it to be used in fire rated designs and usually comes in 5/8” thickness. Pitts Little also can apply lead to plywood. Please see Lead Lined Plywood under Products.


  • Place leaded side of drywall against studs.
  • Drill pilot holes for screws to prevent deformation of lead.
  • A minimum lead overlap of one inch is required at all joints and corners.
  • Extend lead overhang at least one inch into all frames or openings.
  • Fasten lead lined drywall to studs with screws placed a maximum of eight inches on center.
  • Install sheet lead over or behind all penetrations, cuts, or punctures to ensure continuity of radiation shielding.
  • Please click on Submittal at the top right of this page for more information on installing lead lined drywall.

Drywall can be taped, floated and finished as required. Protect installed materials from damage by other construction. Have shielding tested by approved personnel. Shielding must comply with all federal and state regulations.

Note: For lead thickness up to 5/64” (5#), a one-inch lead overhang extends off one side of the leaded drywall to serve as a batten strip. If lead thickness exceeds 5/64” (5#), a two-inch lead batten strip will be supplied for each piece of lead lined sheetrock. Batten strips are required at all drywall joints.

As for fastener, nail and steel screw penetrations, Pitts Little can provide lead discs, caps or plugs but they are not needed. Please see the section of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCPR) Report on the Submittal concerning these penetrations. If you do miss the stud while using screws to hang the sheetrock, for example, do not back the screw out. Just leave it inserted.