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Vault Door Repairs

Properly functioning linear accelerator vault doors are vital to safe and efficient treatment. Malfunctioning doors should not be used until they are repaired. Our decades of experience in designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing cancer treatment vault doors gives us the expertise required to quickly diagnose and repair vault doors. We know that any down time can be costly, and our goal is to develop and implement long-lasting repairs that provide reliable future operation.

In addition to doors designed and installed by Pitts Little, we can also service and repair most swinging and sliding vault doors from other manufacturers.

Some of the problems that we commonly see and successfully repair include:
– Doors slamming closed
– Doors not fully closing
– Safety Interlocks (limit switches) not engaging
– Bolted hinge failure
– Operator failure
– Gearbox / motor noise

Our experienced team is available to help troubleshoot operational issues, and to design and implement long-term solutions. Give us a call today!

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